Academic translations

I am an experienced translator of non-fiction materials, mainly from German into English.


I specialise in the humanities, including Classics, theology, history and art, focusing on academic work, from conference papers to published articles and books. My list of published translations to date includes endorsements by authors and editors. I can also check and polish existing translations.

It was a pleasure to work with Dr Luddecke on the publication of Professor Schmitzer’s contribution to the Velleius volume (Velleius Paterculus. Making History CPW, 2011).” Dr Eleanor Cowan

I am always happy to take on other work such as translating websites and other information. Depending on your needs, I can also help you reach a wider English-speaking audience using social media.

Qualifications and skills

As well as being fluent in both English and German, I have:

  • a doctorate in Classics (Ancient Greek / Latin) from Oxford University
  • intermediate Italian and basic French
  • a project management qualification (Prince2, practitioner level)
  • experience in managing social media accounts.

My approach

I always aim to:

  • make sure your meaning is captured fully and expressed as clearly and precisely as possible
  • work with you in determining the preferred style for the translation, i.e. this could be to reflect the style of your original or to render it closer to the target language
  • keep you informed about progress throughout (if you so wish).

I am flexible and always aim to do the best job I possibly can. My rates are reasonable, and I accept payment in Euros.

Contact me to find out more or call me on +44 (0)1865 712014:

** You can read how I comply with GDPR here **

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