Stretching – with snowmen

Now, I like my yoga but this post is about a different kind of stretching altogether. It’s the kind one does when trying something new, exploring and learning – going places, metaphorically speaking, not visited before.

Over the last few months I’ve had some great opportunities to do just that:

  • tackling a sample translation in an area a little outside my usual range
  • finding out how to approach more substantive editing or rewriting texts
  • having a go at screenprinting, so playing with stronger shapes and colours than I do when etching.

I’ve often thought that my dream life would be one of perpetual learning, taking course after course – perhaps just because of the (mostly!) positive feedback I get from my teachers.

I still fondly remember taking a seminar on Andrew Marvell, though not being a member of the English Faculty at all, with a friend, and having a great time. I got very good marks too 🙂

So, I’m very lucky to be able to keep pursuing so many new directions, all at the same time. It’s one of the things I love about both translating and proofreading / editing, that one’s subject matter can change quite easily – so now I know a bit more about European Enlightenment views of Asia, as well as how to focus on one key issue when facing a piece of writing that needs some TLC.

snowmen in rack 2016

My snowmen drying in the rack

In terms of my art, so far, all I’ve got is an army of snowmen on stand-by for Christmas 2016 (I felt guilty not having made any Christmas cards last year). But there’s already other images in my head that need the vibrancy of a screenprint to work, so I hope to spend some more time in the workshop soon! Bliss – with a stretch…


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