Loving Lines sycamore

It’s been a while but – luckily for me – I’ve been busy enough recently, including putting on my first solo show at the lovely Oxfork Cafe here in Oxford.

Called Loving Lines, virtually all etchings I’ve produced over the last seven or so years were up for a month. Comments I’ve had from friends and others have prompted me to ponder what makes us respond to certain images – but not others.

One etching in particular, Tempest, seems to resonate with different people and – to my surprise – indeed to convey what I had in mind when I created the image. A friend has it on her desk and writes:

Your etching gives me strength and comfort, that is magical!

Etching 'Tempest' by Kathrin Luddecke

Etching ‘Tempest’ by Kathrin Luddecke

My inspiration came from Purcell’s setting of Psalm 107 and earlier images, such as Bicci di Lorenzo’s St. Nicholas of Bari rebuking the storm in the Ashmolean Museum.

So perhaps it is possible to engender a reflection of what moves you in others, through etching marks on a metal plate and transferring their imprint onto a piece of paper.


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