Spaces & Places – showing in Southampton soon

As always, a bit of a last minute rush to pull everything together and make final preparations for our exhibition opening Tuesday, 21st July, at Harbour Lights Picturehouse.

Of course, the three of us have been planning for a while now – agreed which of our prints would best suit the title of our show (and this post!), got labels done (thanks Jenny), planned our journey south to hang everything (thanks Biddy) and even sent out invites to our Private View. Oh, and got our greeting cards ready – easier to get one of those than decide to buy a print! Though fingers crossed we do sell one or two – or even one each.

Prints from invite 2015 Spaces and Places exhibition

Prints from 2015 Spaces and Places exhibition

But now the race is on to get the last prints framed – which means getting mounts cut too, always a bit fiddly! Dusters at the ready as there’s always at least one flake of dust that obstinately wants to settle on that pane of glass just as you’re about to tape it all in place. Or perhaps that’s just a reflection of my general lack of enthusiasm for dusting!

Invite to Private View to 2015 Spaces and Places exhibition

Invite to Private View to 2015 Spaces and Places exhibition

So, expect to see me labouring in the workshop at the Oxford Printmakers next week, trying to figure out the most efficient way of getting irregular sized mounts out of a large sheet of card. Perhaps some planning this weekend wouldn’t go amiss…

Looking forward to the Private View as it should all be done by then!

PS: Our greeting cards can also be bought at the Printmakers here in Oxford; in fact there’s a lot of lovely cards there! Do pop in if you can… (just off Cowley Road). All very reasonably priced, not more expensive than other cards and some less!


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