Exciting find in NW6

The Aleph by Russell Terry

Happened to walk past the Kingsgate Gallery, part of the Kingsgate Workshops, on the way to a more well-known London museum. Very intrigued by this exhibition – only on for two weeks, so I’m sorry you will have missed it!

The artist, Russell Terry, cuts very intricate repetitive patterns out of paper he colours himself. These then get layered, tagged together at certain points, so creating a three-dimensional effect – although displayed in this case in regular frames.

Exhibition Kingsgate Gallery, March 2014.

Exhibition Kingsgate Gallery, March 2014.

I think what I loved about this work, and the exhibition, was the patience and accuracy displayed, which did by no means take away from the artistry of the final creations.

I was however most captured by a couple of works that broke out of the frame a bit more:

  • two images without layers, simply using left-over cut out shapes, some with pen marks showing faint drawings underneath the brush strokes of the colouring
  • one of the layered frames which included some variations in colour, breaking up the strict patterns.

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